A face-to-face meeting of the OLACEFS Capacity Building Committee (CCC) was held in Asuncion, Paraguay, on April 25 -26, 2016.

The meeting was attended by the Comptroller General of the Republic of Paraguay, Roy Rodgers Canas, and Minister Augusto Sherman Cavalcanti representing the president of Brazil’s SAI, Minister Aroldo Cedraz de Oliveira. There were also representatives from the SAIs of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico (by videoconference), Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Participants were made aware of the progress and reports on the work carried out by different SAIs in coordinated audits, professional internships, peer reviews, induction courses on ISSAIIntoSAINT, citizen participation and virtual courses offered to the OLACEFS community.

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the results of the training needs assessment. Identification of these needs was performed by a team from the Presidency of the CCC, made up of officials from the Serzedello Corrêa Institute and the Secretariat of International Relations of Brazil’s SAI. Sources of information for the team included the interpretation of the results of the implementation of the Framework for Measuring SAI Performance, the information database of INTOSAI SAIs,information provided by participants of the Workshop on Peer Review held in Lima on February 11 – 12, the answers provided by 17 OLACEFS member SAIs to “Questionnaire for Identifying Training Priorities”, and interviews conducted with those officials who had answered the questionnaire, in order to examine in more depth priorities and training needs.

The next step in this important undertaking will be the development of a training plan with a view to meeting the key training needs of OLACEFS member SAIs and as such contributing significantly to the development of all our work.

The event also featured a technical discussion on the role of capacity building in SAIs for monitoring the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), at which suggestions were noted for discussion topics on SDGs for the INCOSAI General Assembly in October and December.

In addition to this, discussion on the implementation of ISSAIs has been continued with the support of the OLACEFS Presidency – members of which, though not physically present, participated in a talk by videoconference about the importance of the committee’s support for the issue.

Another result of the meeting was the review of the 2016 AOP, redefining timelines and adapting activities planned for the year. The group also had the opportunity to work on adjusting strategies and projects in the OLACEFS 2017-2022 Strategic Plan and 2017-2019 Tactical Plan concerning training, which will form the basis for deliberations of the OLACEFS Strategic Planning Group.

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26/04/2016 Minutes for the Face-to-face Meeting 2016 of the OLACEFS CCC pdf
26/04/2016 Annex 1 of Minutes for the Face-to-face Meeting 2016 of the OLACEFS CCC pdf
26/04/2016 Agenda for the Face-to-face Meeting 2016 of the OLACEFS CCC pdf
26/04/2016 Proposal of Annual Operating Plans (AOP) 2016 pdf
Abril 2016 Report of Needs Assessment for OLACEFS training pdf
Abril 2016 Presentation of the Main Challenges for CCC 2016-2018 pdf
Abril 2016 Presentation of Participative Management of CCC pdf
Abril 2016 Implementation of the ISSAI via Capacity Building pdf
Abril 2016 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Capacity Building pdf
Abril 2016 OLACEFS Strategic Planning 2017-2019. Tactical Plan pdf
Abril 2016 Coordinated Audits in the OLACEFS pdf
Abril 2016 Presentation of the Citizen Participation Commission pdf
Abril 2016 Presentation of the Special Technical Commission on the Environment (COMTEMA) pdf