The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is calling for two full member OLACEFS SAIs to apply for the Pilot Program on the Independence of SAIs to be held in 2017-2018, with the aim of providing assistance and direct support to SAIs advocating greater institutional independence.

It should be noted that on January 20, 2017, the OLACEFS Presidency regionally circulated official statement OLACEFS-PRES-004-2017 on the IDI’s announcement. The IDI’s requirements for those SAIs applying were also detailed, along with the deadline for sending applications to the OLACEFS Presidency (originally February 10, 2017). Also included was a general brochure outlining the program.

In accordance with the IDI’s worldwide call for applicants, interested SAIs must meet the following requirements:

  1. Leadership and commitment. The tenure of the head of the SAI will be considered, as well as awareness of the potential challenges, the SAI’s ability to influence and monitor and the commitment of the institution to achieve independence.
  2. Need and opportunity for change. The economic and political context of the country will be taken into consideration as well as the potential opportunity for change and the willingness of the country’s institutions (including its SAI) to work together towards achieving greater independence.
  3. Potential for lessons learned. As this is a pilot program, the willingness and ability of the SAI to learn from the experience and share the knowledge acquired for the benefit of other SAIs would also be taken into consideration.
  4. Level of influence. The influence of the SAI amongst its peers in OLACEFS and as such its ability to set an example would be considered.
  5. SAI model and level of independence. SAIs with different audit models and SAIs at different levels of independence will be considered for the selection to the pilot.

It should be noted that the official language of the program is English, and as such it is recommended that both the senior management and the team designated to carry out follow-up in 2017-2018 have a good command of the language.

Following a number of enquiries from interested SAIs, the OLACEFS Presidency requested guidance from the IDI to respond to the questions and an extension to the deadline for the submission of applications.

Should your SAI be interested in applying for the program, please send a letter of intent outlining how the institution complies with the five requirements set out above, with an emphasis on a strategy, as per the third point, for sharing knowledge gained with the OLACEFS community, along with a completed version of the attached form.

In accordance with the extension granted by the IDI, the deadline for submitting applications (the letter of intent and the attached form) to is now February 24, 2017, for evaluation by the OLACEFS Presidency and selection of the two SAIs from the region to be put forward for the selection process of the three SAIs at INTOSAI level. The SAIs will be informed via email, as will all OLACEFS members.

Further information on the program can be found through the IDI’s official website (English only): or by writing to the OLACEFS Presidency at