On Wednesday, August 5, the fifth session of the Webinar Cycle of Committees, Commissions and Working Groups of the OLACEFS was held.

With the active participation of more than 900 people, a session called Protected Areas, Health and Social Isolation was held during the pandemic. The activity began with a speech from Adriano Juras, Federal Auditor of External Control of the Federal Court of Accounts of Brazil and Coordinator of the Coordinated Audit on Protected Areas of the OLACEFS. Adriano presented on the crisis caused by the pandemic and its relationship with health, economic, social, ecological, institutional, and scientific aspects, among others, especially highlighting its correlation with sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda. In addition, he highlighted the role of SAIs in the search for transparency, accountability and the efficiency, efficacy, effectiveness and economy of state actions. Finally, he presented the main aspects of coordinated audits, specifically relating the progress of the Coordinated Audit on Protected Areas.

Claudio C. Maretti, Regional Vice-President of the World Commission on Protected Areas of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), then gave a summary of the main impacts of human activity on biodiversity. Subsequently, he explained what protected areas are and what the main conservation objectives are worldwide. He then spoke about the current relationship between protected areas and health in these pandemic times, how we are doing now, and presented some recommendations on the matter. In that sense, he highlighted the importance of biodiversity and its projection, through protected areas, for human health.

It should be noted that, this week, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the initiatives that the Special Technical Commission for the Environment – COMTEMA is developing in relation to the environmental topics led by the OLACEFS, so we invite you to follow the Organization’s social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

The presentations shared by the exhibitors, in addition to the webinar video, are available below:

Presentation by Adriano Juras

Presentation by Claudio C. Maretti

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