To commemorate international anti-corruption day on December 9, the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) invites submissions from all artists wishing to enter cartoons in the competition “for a region of greater integrity and transparency: the image of the fight against corruption.”

Corruption has many facets and using humour and satire to create an image, the competition seeks to tackle a phenomenon that is harmful to the development of societies.

Participants can answer questions such as How does corruption manifest itself? How does corruption affect development? How can corruption be fought? How do integrity and transparency contribute to preventing and fighting corruption? And How can we help consolidate systems of integrity and transparency?

It is hoped that the participants’ creativity produces a decisive image that rejects acts of corruption and highlights the importance of open government practices in the service of the citizenry.

The cartoon competition “for a region of greater integrity and transparency: the image of the fight against corruption”, will beopen to open to artists and cartoonists from Latin America and the Caribbean. An international jury will select the winning cartoon from amongst ten finalists. The finalists’ cartoons will also up for the “Public’s Prize”, as voted by the public through the social networks.

The 10 finalists will take part in a special prize-giving ceremony at the IDB headquarters in Washington on International Anti-Corruption Day, and will be able to participate in a seminar/workshop co-organised with the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Foundation for New Iberoamerican Journalism.

Cartoonists and illustrators can present new cartoons or works published after January 1, 2015.

Cartoons must be submitted by noon on November 12.

For more information relating to the rules and regulations of the competition, please go to the competition website: CARTOON COMPETITION “FOR A REGION OF GREATER INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY: THE IMAGE OF THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION”