The INTOSAI Working Group on the Value and Benefit of Supreme Audit Institutions (WGVBS), led by the Superior Audit Office of the Federation of Mexico, is making available to the OLACEFS community the Declaration of Paris of the Forum of Jurisdictional Supreme Audit Institutions. The Declaration is the result of a meeting held on November 15, 2015, of the group known as the Forum of Jurisdictional SAIs/Network of General Prosecutors.

The group is made up of the SAIs of Brazil, Chile, France, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey and is presided over by the SAIs of Chile and France. It will be presenting the Declaration for signing, before INCOSAI XXII – which takes place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, between December 8 and 11, 2016 – and will set out the values of the organisation and how these can be used in order to promote this model of SAI.

The Forum of Jurisdictional SAIs/Network of General Prosecutors is a space for reflection, collaboration and the exchange of good practices, above all for those SAIs that share this model and possess jurisdictional powers. It seeks to demonstrate the value and benefits of SAIs with this kind of institutional model, bearing in mind that SAIs with the mandate to impose sanctions for the improper or inefficient use of public funds, contribute to accountability and good governance. To this end, members of the forum meet virtually to follow up on activities which include the development of a tool to assess the performance and value of SAIs with jurisdictional powers, as well as assigning research subjects to members on the topic in question.

Declaration of Paris (spanish)

Declaration of Paris (french)

Declaration of Paris (english)