The Working Group Specialized in the Fight against Transnational Corruption of the OLACEFS (GTCT) chaired by the Office of the Comptroller General of the State of Ecuador presents a didactic infographic that explains the framework for the creation of the Declaration of San Salvador, subscribed by the SAI of the OLACEFS on October 17, 2019, at the XXIX Ordinary General Assembly.

The Declaration emerged with the multilateral cooperation approach through joint actions, exchange of good practices, and experiences that contribute to the prevention, detection, investigation and follow-up of corruption-related events.

Among the main commitments made by the SAIs are the signing of inter-agency agreements, the strengthening of education and training programs, and the promotion of information exchange, among others.

The GTCT – on the first anniversary of its July 1, 2020 creation – highlights the importance of the Declaration of San Salvador as an agreement that will contribute to the fight against corruption in the region, which will mean improving the quality of life of citizens and will contribute to strengthening their confidence in the SAIs that comprise the OLACEFS.

Below, you can check the infographic and the Declaration:

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