On the occasion of the OLACEFS XXVIII General Assembly, the Declaration of Buenos Aires was signed under the title “The Role of Supreme Audit Institutions Entities in Response to the New Information Technology of the XXI Century”, which sets out the interest and commitment of OLACEFS in implementing new technologies in the oversight process.

The development of instruments and information systems has been one of the biggest demands of citizens, due to the difficulties experienced in accessing public information. For this reason audit institutions need to build a bridge between governments and civil society and take the necessary steps forward.

This concern was raised at the 2017 Assembly, where several limitations were recognized in the infrastructure of the organizations in this area and challenges and recommendations for the future were identified. As such, citizens, parliament and other stakeholders have accepted the changes that the supervisory institutions need to incorporate to adopt the new technologies.

The tools to be added are the collection, comparison and application of databases; using satellite images and analysis of evidence -all in real time-, and strengthening the security of information systems.

In line with the above, through the Declaration of Buenos Aires the SAIs of the region took on a series of commitments to strengthen their role in the face of new technology.

For more details on the Declaration of Buenos Aires, follow this link:

Declaration of Buenos Aires on the role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in light of new, 21st century information technologies

Video on Declaration of Buenos Aires