The INTOSAI Donor Cooperation has highlighted the success story of the OLACEFS regarding the implementation of the Performance Measurement Framework of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI PMF) in the region, which was developed in order to support SAIs in their efforts to achieve the objectives of ISSAI 12, which are aimed at promoting the value and benefits provided by SAIs.

The article explores the beginning of 2012 when the OLACEFS was in search of a measurement tool that meets their needs and incorporates the INTOSAI standards. This same need had been identified around the world and, as a result, donor organizations and the INTOSAI community created the SAI PMF tool.

The pilot phase of the SAI PMF was launched shortly after the OLACEFS Performance Evaluation and Performance Indicators Commission (CEDEIR) launched its search for a new evaluation tool. The members of the commission reviewed the methodology and flexibility of the PMF, from that moment on, a new alliance was created between the CEDEIR and the SAI PMF team.

The German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) were important sources of contribution to the implementation of the SAI PMF in the region through ongoing monitoring, financing of activities and an adequate positioning of the tool in the region. In addition, other positive aspects for the region came with the application of the SAI PMF, such as the improvement of relations between SAIs and donors.

Finally, the article highlighted the case of the SAI of Costa Rica, which has managed to improve in transparency and governance, contributing to the citizens’ awareness of the efforts of this entity in identifying and reporting cases of inefficient resource management, promoting an improvement in transparency. He also highlighted the case of the SAI of Peru, which strengthened its relations with the media and other relevant actors, contributing to the formation of a positive image of the institution as a promoter of transparency and public value for citizens.

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