Call for Applicants

The Commission for Information Technology and Communications (CTIC) invites those SAIs wishing to receive face-to-face training on the Knowledge Management System (KMS) in their institutions, to make an application. The CTIC has scheduled 4/5 face-to-face workshops in its Annual Operating Plan, aimed at current and potential KMS users.

What is KMS

It is a tool that facilitates collaboration and the creation of cooperative relationships between SAIs in the region, permitting the exchange of experiences and knowledge amongst professionals working in these institutions. This computer tool will provide users with access to valuable information for improving compliance with, and performance of, their functions.

It will help and facilitate the work of auditors, providing bases and suggestions for improving performance. Through this system it will be possible to consider management and development models for new areas that can be implemented in SAIs.

At this stage the CTIC is strengthening the system, focusing experiences on the assessment of SDGs.

Workshop Focus

The workshops will aim to update current and/or potential users working in SAIs.


Given the interest of the community in monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are proposing a theoretical and practical focus applied to Oversight Management, mainly for the assessment of SDGs in participants´ countries.

Course Length:

The duration of the workshops will be 4 days, 5 clock hours each day. They will be conducted by System trainers and will have a theoretical and practical focus, applied fundamentally to Oversight Management and the evaluation of SDGs.

How to Apply

The CTIC will receive applications from interested SAIs from March 1, 2017 until April 15, 2017.

Those interested in the workshop should write to the following contacts:

CTIC Administrative Liaison: Ms. Jorgelina Borgia (AGN) 

CTIC Administrative Liaison: Mr. Carlos Ferrari (AGN)

KMS Coordinator for CTIC: Sra. María Cecilia Mondolo (AGN)