Through Resolution 12/2018/AG, the XXVIII OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly delegated to the board the power accorded in section XIII of Article 11 of the Regulations to approve the 2019 Annual Operating Plans (AOPs) and the 2019 OLACEFS budget for 2019, to be done virtually by December 2018 at the latest.

Also, the issues of the need to make adjustments to the CCC’s AOP (as per the provisions of the 2019-2021 Training Plan); having a limited time to make any other adjustments to the AOPs of the various committees and commissions; and being aware of the payment agreement proposed by the Court of Auditors of the State of Pará, Brazil, were submitted for review by the Governing Board.

To see the results of the virtual proceedings of the Board, please check the following documents:




Agreements from the Virtual Board Meeting of December 2018 – OLACEFS letter-SE 01-2019 pdf
OLACEFS letter-SE 02-2019 Supplement Letter OLACEFS-SE 01-2019 pdf
Opinion of the OLACEFS Presidency pdf
Opinion of the SAI of Peru pdf
Opinion of the SAI of Paraguay pdf
Opinion of the SAI of Bolivia pdf
Request to the Board for opinion – OLACEFS letter-SE 90-2018 pdf



1. Approval of OLACEFS annual operating plans and budget, 2019:
1.0 BUDGET 2019 pdf
1.1 AOP 2019 Presidency pdf
1.2 AOP 2019 Executive Secretariat pdf
1.3 AOP 2019 CAJ pdf
1.4 AOP 2019 CCC pdf
1.5 AOP 2019 CEDEIR pdf
1.6 AOP 2019 CTBG pdf
1.7 AOP 2019 COMTEMA pdf
1.8 AOP 2019 CTIC pdf
1.9 AOP 2019 CPC pdf
1.10 AOP 2019 GTOP pdf
2. CCC AOP review
3. Adjustments to AOPs
4. Payment agreement with the Court of Auditors of the State of Pará, Brazil
4.1 Proposed payment agreement TCE Pará pdf
4.2 Letter SE 83-2018 acceptance of payment agreement pdf