From October 15 – 19, in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, the closing meeting of the coordinated audit on SDG 5 was held, which seeks to assess the effectiveness of governments in the process of implementing the sustainable development goal on gender equality. Importantly, this is the first coordinated transcontinental audit that OLACEFS has performed, given the involvement of the Court of Auditors of Spain.

Participants at the meeting included the audit teams of the 17 audit institutions involved in this task, who were able to obtain feedback from mentors, experts and their own colleagues on the final national audit report drafts. This will allow teams to work out the details for a high quality audit product.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to carry out a pilot test for what will become an online course on communications and relationships with external stakeholders, known as Designing Communication Strategies for Audit Products, which aims to support the national and international initiatives of OLACEFS to disseminate their work to the community, through the development of basic communication strategies with external stakeholders.

In parallel with the workshop, the Comptroller General of the Republic of Paraguay organized an international seminar on “Public Policies on Gender Equality”, which included the participation of the Auditor General of Argentina, Graciela de la Rosa; Chilean CGR lawyer Diana Maquilón; and Gloria Brizuela Verón, Director General of Planning at the Ministry of Women of Paraguay. Osvaldo Rudloff, the Executive Director of OLACEFS who opened the workshop, commented on the preliminary results of the coordinated audit on SDG 5.

A recording of the seminar is available at the following link:

The next steps of this audit will be to issue national reports, up until March 2019, for the preparation of reports and graphs of consolidated work which should be available to the international community in the second half of next year.