With the participation of more than a thousand people and a high level of interaction, the first session of the Webinar Cycle in Times of COVID-19.

With the participation of more than a thousand people and a high level of interaction, the first session of the Cycle of Webinars in Times of COVID-19 was held.

In the first session, called Teleworking and Mental Health, doctors Julio Torales, psychiatrist from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción and director of the school of Medicine of the same University; and Guillermo Gabler, psychiatrist from the Universidad de Chile and professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo de Chile, addressed the effects of teleworking on mental health, reviewing issues such as: tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression. Likewise, the subject of the relationship between teleworking and the family was discussed, as well as how to deal with work and family issues when they are developed under the same space and time.

In this sense, Dr. Torales referred to the challenges of psychiatry and psychology in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, what should be done to address its impact on mental health, and what is the psychological effect of quarantine, among other relevant issues. Dr. Gabler referred to the factors that predispose people to manifest symptoms or mental illness, the characteristics of an ideal “teleworker,” the characteristics of a healthy work environment and presented some suggestions on personal health in the workplace.

This series of webinars, organized by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, the Executive Secretariat of OLACEFS and the CCC, seeks to create a space for dialogue around work in times of isolation, with sessions to be held every Wednesday at 12 noon Santiago, Chile time.

Below are the presentations and materials shared by the speakers, in addition to the webinar video: (crear pagina del document en ingles)

Presentation of Dr. Julio Torales

Presentation of Dr. Guillermo Gabler

What can we do during quarantine? Tips for children (for families and caregivers)

Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Recommendations for Health Care Workers, the General Population, Children and the Elderly

Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation