The purpose of the coordination platform is to provide a single platform to INTOSAI and regional organisations for the alignment of common efforts, exploring synergies, tracking and evaluation of progress, as well as knowledge sharing.

From the 25th to 27th of June 2018, 55 participants from 32 INTOSAI organs and regional organisations participated in this meeting of INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform, organised by the IDI and the CBC Secretariat. The following topics were discussed:


  • INTOSAI value circle and the need for broader coordination and alignment by CBC
  • ISSAI Implementation – challenges and opportunities by IDI
  • Strategic Development Plan for IFPP (INTOSAI Framework for professional pronouncements
  • INTOSAI information systems and bases within INTOSAI
  • Capacity strengthening initiatives – globally, regionally and/or inter-regionally
  • Professional Education for SAI Auditors briefed by IDI
  • Implementation of QA of non-IFPP public goods by KSC
  • Enhancements to INTOSAI Community Portal and Update on the revision of the INTOSAI website by KSC
  • Capacity and funding of INTOSAI Regional Organizations by CBC
  • Regional reporting to the Governing Board by the General Secretariat
  • INTOSAI risks and emerging issues by SCEI
  • Consultation on IDI Strategic Plan 2019-2023

On the afternoon of 27th June, separate meetings were held:

  • Roundtable of regional Organisations by EUROSAI
  • Other INTOSAI organs discussions

On Thursday 28th June, one-day meeting was held between the IDI and the Regions for consultation and the following topics were discussed:

  • How to provide benefits to all regions?
  • IDI Workstreams: Professional SAIs / Relevant SAIs
  • IDI Workstreams: Well Governed SAIs / Independent SAIs
  • Generic issues and Feedback on IDI’ Follow-up from the previous meeting

To learn more about these important meetings, please consult:

Conclusions INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform



Working Level Meeting of INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform Agenda pdf
INTOSAI Value Chain pdf
ISSAI Compliance pdf
Strategic Development Plan for the IFPP pdf
Comments on the INTOSAI Databases and Information Systems pdf
Capacity strengthening initiatives regionally and/or intra-regionally pdf
Professional Education for SAI Auditors- Pilot pdf
Quality Assurance of Products developed outside Due Process pdf
INTOSAI Community Portal pdf
Capacity and funding of INTOSAI regional and sub-regional organizations pdf
Discussion / information points from the INTOSAI General Secretariat pdf
SCEI Presentation pdf
Developing IDI’s Strategic Plan 2019-23 pdf



IDI – Regions Consultation Meeting Agenda pdf
SAI Capacity Development Database pdf
Professional & Relevant SAIs pdf
Well Governed and Independent SAIs pdf