On Wednesday, July 15, the second session of the OLACEFS’ New Webinar Cycle was successfully held. On this occasion, topics related to public procurement of innovation and the importance of the alliance between control and public management to generate efficient initiatives and tools for the identification of state needs were discussed.

On this occasion, we had the participation of Román Yosif, Executive Director of the Laboratorio de Gobierno de Chile, who presented us with a broad view of how the State is being managed to innovate, transform and adapt to the new needs of users who utilize the services provided by public institutions. Román spoke to us from the perspective of the Laboratorio de Gobierno about the opportunities to have a new public procurement as a tool to generate both public and private innovation. He highlighted the importance of the social, political, economic and health implications that Chile is going through and that somehow influence the need to generate a new paradigm of innovation in design, implementation and public management. Finally, he presented us with an example of innovation that emerged from the coronavirus crisis: a woman’s whatsapp channel, to report cases of domestic violence.

Next, Fabiana Ruas, Director of the Laboratorio de Innovación of the Federal Court of Accounts of Brazil, spoke about the special mission of the SAI of Brazil, which, as a state control body, also seeks to improve its management for the benefit of society, innovating and helping the public administration to function better. Fabiana told us about the need to adopt new technologies, connect audits to the digital model and generate a change in the way auditors think, with the objective that the whole public sector can innovate.

Continuing with the webinar, we have the participation of Vanderleia Radaelli, Leading Specialist in Science, Technology and Innovation at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) who presented on the perspective of innovation in Latin America from the vision of the IDB. Vanderleia highlighted public procurement of innovation as instruments to comply with public policies in States and referred to the advantages and challenges of betting on public procurement of innovation worldwide.

You can find the recording of the webinar and presentations of the panelists below:

Presentation by Fabiana Ruas

Presentation by Vanderleia Radaelli

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