In the context of the health crisis affecting the world, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, together with the Executive Secretariat and the OLACEFS Capacity Building Committee, have organized a cycle of 11 webinars that aim to contribute to civil servants of the region’s SAIs in different areas.

This series of webinars seeks to create a space for dialogue around work in times of isolation. To do this, they will address issues of mental health, good external control practices in times of COVID-19, labor and economic aspects, international and human rights implications, and the impact of this pandemic on the 2030 Agenda.

With these webinars, we want to help the civil servants of OLACEFS’ SAI members to face isolation in a good way, using this time to stay updated and disseminate the experiences that we are developing at the regional level.

The webinars will be held every Wednesday at 12:00 pm in Santiago, Chile (the details of the hours for each country can be reviewed in the brochure below), starting on April 22.

The following is a list of webinars with the topics and dates on which they will be discussed. The details of each session will be published weekly on the OLACEFS portal and social networks (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

How to connect? Details on Manual for connecting to Webinars in Time of COVID-19