When the SAI of Brazil (the TCU) took on the chairmanship of the OLACEFSCCC in early 2016, a broad and innovative agenda was developed, focusing on strengthening the Committee with a view to fostering inter-agency cooperation and professional development in all of the SAIs in the region. This pragmatic approach reflects the need to expand the role of initiatives aimed at capacity building and strengthening technical/professional competencies.

In this regard, various educational activities have been carried out this year, based around previous years´guidelines and the strategic initiatives presented in the TCU’s application to chair the Committee. These activities have included more than 20 online courses, conducting coordinated audits, a high-level seminar on Information Technology and Sustainable Development Goals, an innovation workshop for the technical teams of all the organization’s SAIs and the publication of an assessment of training needs for the region, carried out using robust methodology and with the extensive participation of SAIs.

For the remainder of the three-year period from 2016-2018, ongoing activities have been planned as well as totally new and challenging initiatives that will require a considerable amount of both human and financial resources.

In order that they should be strategically significant, the CCC recognizes the need for input from member entities so that the training plan can better capture opportunities and reflect an ideal aspired to in the region. In this regard there is still room for suggestions, refinements and insights regarding the proposals presented here, and perhaps even the addition of new initiatives and programs.

The CCC sees a chance to improve proposals through disseminating a preliminary draft to strategic partners, and also to gather innovative ideas and maximize the impact of efforts by identifying synergistic and complementary initiatives for the development of solutions with common goals.

In practical terms, this document is open to contributions for a certain period, with the aim of incorporating the suggestions, improvements and recommendations of the CCC’s internal and external partners for implementing the planned activities.

Specifically the CCC chair requests feedback and contributions from CCC members; from other OLACEFS SAIs and bodies; from SAIs of other INTOSAI regions; from the CBC, IDI, KSC and other INTOSAI bodies; and from cooperating institutions such as the German Cooperation Agency (GTZ), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank (WB).

The deadline for receipt of these contributions is October 26, 2016, which allows the CCC Presidency to publish and disseminate a final version of the plan during the INCOSAI 2016, to be held in Abu Dhabi next December 5 – 11.

Contributions should be sent to: ccc@tcu.gov.br

The training plan can be found here:

OLACEFS Training Plan for 2016-2018