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From October 15 – 19, in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, the closing meeting of the coordinated audit on SDG 5 was held, which seeks to assess the effectiveness of governments in the process of implementing the sustainable development goal on gender equality. Importantly, this is the first coordinated transcontinental audit that OLACEFS has performed, […]

One of the initiatives proposed by Brazil’s TCU when it took over the presidency of the OLACEFS Capacity Building Committee (CCC), was to develop a system to support the management of courses offered by the Committee. Following up on this proposal, in 2017 the CCC introduced the Educational Management System (EMS), a platform that aims […]

On March 20 – 23 in Buenos Aires, the OLACEFS Information Technology and Communications Commission (CTIC), chaired by the Auditor General of the Nation Dr. Francisco J. Fernández, held a working meeting at the offices of the AGN on the Design of the Knowledge Management System eLearning Course. This activity is part of the Commission’s […]

The OLACEFS Presidency, together with the Committee Capacity Building (CCC), cordially invite full member- and associate SAIs, as well as the organization’s different stakeholders, to participate in the Fourth Induction Course for the INTOSAI Regulatory Framework. This virtual course has been held since 2013 and aims to help ensure a consistent level of knowledge throughout […]

After thanking the Court of Accounts of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay for the work and commitment in their three years period as members of the Board, the OLACEFS SAI members appointed the General Comptroller Office of the Republic of Paraguay to fill that position. Furthermore, in accordance with internal regulations, the General Comptroller Office […]