A group of resource persons met in Lima/Peru, from 2nd to 11 August 2017 for mentor training and adaptation of eLearning course material for the programmes Auditing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SAI Fighting Corruption (SFC).

From 2nd to 4th August, mentors were trained on topics about 2030 Agenda, SDGs and fighting corruption by Ms. Aranzazu Guillan Montero, from UNDESA. She has been cooperating with IDI since 2016 in Auditing SDGs programme, is participating in the eLearning course for English speaking regions as expert and will play the same role in the programme in OLACEFS. She also has experience on initiatives against corruption. The group also had a one-day training on the IDI eLearning model, facilitated by Ms. Maria Lucia Lima, IDI Manager Capacity Development.

From 7th to 11th August, the group was divided and worked on the adaptation of eLearning course material for the two programmes. Auditing SDGs meeting was managed by Ms. Lima and SFC meeting was managed by Mr. Aníbal Guillermo Kohlhuber, former IDI Manager for OLACEFS and current Deputy Director General of Internal Control in Argentina.

The mentors for Auditing SDGs programme in OLACEFS are: Mr. Carlos Eduardo Lustosa da Costa (SAI Brazil), Ms. Liliana Rodríguez Sánchez (SAI Colombia), Mr. Manuel Jesús Corrales Umaña and Mr. Juan Carlos Barboza Sánchez (SAI Costa Rica), Mrs. Gladys Sunilda Fernández de Chenu Abente (SAI Paraguay) and Ms. Sandra Mónica Ore Fuentes-Rivera (SAI Perú). The meeting was also attended by Mr. Osvaldo Rudloff Pulgar, representative of OLACEFS Executive Secretariat (SAI Chile) and coordinator of the coordinated performance audit to be conducted as part of the Auditing SDGs programme in the region.

The mentors for SAI Fighting corruption programme in OLACEFS are: Mr. Aníbal Guillermo Kohlhuber (SIGEN Argentina), Mr. Clayton Arruda de Vasconcelos (SAI Brazil), Mrs. Martha Carolina López Brítez (SAI Paraguay), Ms. Rosemarie Atanasiu Martinez (SAI Uruguay) and Ms. Vivian Garbanzo (SAI Costa Rica).

The Comptroller Generalof SAI Perú, Mr. Nelson Shack Yalta, kindly attended the closure of the meetings and expressed great interest in performance auditing and in the SFC programme. He also offered to host a meeting for this programme next year.


Clausura de taller IDI - 11-08-2017 comprimida

Participants in the closure of meetings, from left to right: Mr. Oscar Galdo (SAI Peru), Mr. Arruda and Mr. Lustosa (SAI Brazil), Mrs. Fernández (SAI Paraguay), Mr. Barboza and Ms. Garbanzo (SAI Costa Rica), Mr. Roudloff (SAI Chile), Mrs. López (SAI Paraguay), Mr. Nelson Shack Yalta (AG of SAI Perú), Ms. Lima (IDI), Ms. Ore (SAI Perú), Mr. Corrales (SAI Costa Rica), Ms. Rodríguez (SAI Colombia), Ms. Atanasiu (SAI Uruguay), Mr. Kohlhuber (SIGEN Argentina), Mr. Vicente Romero (SAI Perú).