On October 27, 2015 from 9.00 am, the “Sexta Reunión del Sistema Nacional de Fiscalización” will be transmitted from Mexico City.

The Supreme Audit Office of the Federation is very pleased to be communicating the development of the Sixth Round of the Plenary Meeting ofMexico’s  National Control System.

It is important to be aware that in May 2015, a decree was issued reforming the Mexican Constitution in matters concerning the battle against corruption, establishing the National Anti-Corruption System, which provides a great opportunity for the supreme auditing community.

As a response, in July 2015, a meeting relaunching the National Control System was held and an historic agreement made between the internal and external national auditing institutions, the primary purpose of which was to prepare the framework for institutions responsible for scrutinising government activities in the face of the new challenge that could impact the lives of Mexicans.

This framework for action led to the approval and signing of the operational bases for their functioning, to guide their work during the period of design, development and approval of the General Law which set the basis for coordination of the National Control System as a consolidated subsytem and a central pillar of the National Anti-Corruption System.

The Supreme Audit Office  has a leading role in this new reality, which will be enriched by the contributions generated at this meeting.

To see a live transmission of the event, please go to asf.envivo.org.mx

Please click here for a programme of the Sixth Meeting of the National Control System: