In 2015 EFSUR – currently made up of the SAIs of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay,
Venezuela and Uruguay – has undertaken activities designed to fulfil its vision and be recognised as an organisation capable of exercising regional external control.

The conclusion of the integration process of PARLASUR, and its transition to full functionality in 2020, constitute a meaningful context for EFSUR to strengthen actions that will address and raise awareness of the need for external public control in MERCOSUR.

In the ordinary meeting held in Caracas, Venezuela, in October, the membership application of Ecuador’s SAI, was accepted and as such there are currently eight countries that make up EFSUR.

At the same regular meeting it was decided that in 2016 the pro tempore holding of the presidency, currently under the charge of Venezuela’s SAI, will be taken on by the SAI of Bolivia. Argentina’s SAI is performing the functions of executive secretariat for the 2014-2016 period

The tasks undertaken are in line with the 2014-2015 action plan.

Activities have dealt with:

  • Development of technical skills and harmonisation of control methods and procedures
  • Surveys, audits, monitoring and thematic studies
  • Strengthening partnerships with other multilateral institutions
  • Strengthening the image of EFSUR and dissemination of the need for public external control for MERCOSUR.
  • EFSUR, public external control of MERCOSUR.

Please click on the following link for more details of activities carried out in 2015:

Activities Report, EFSUR 2015