In February 2017, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) released the 2017 Global Survey, whose overall aims are:

1)    To gather information and data to guide capacity-building efforts within INTOSAI (including information on IDI, on regional organizations – including OLACEFS – and on the INTOSAI Committees);

2)    To measure progress in the performance of SAIs’ in updating information from their 2010 and 2013 evaluation reports, and

3)    To provide data and information to develop and oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plans of INTOSAI, IDI and the regional organizations, as well as the INTOSAI-Donors Cooperation Program Document.

The survey has 134 questions covering the following thematic areas:

  • Independence and legal framework of SAIs,
  • Progress in the performance of SAIs,
  • Capacity building in SAIs,
  • Questions on data exchange and
  • Additional contributions to the survey.

The results of this Global Survey will form part of the information base for the preparation of the 2017 SAI Review Report, which IDI will make available to the INTOSAI community in September 2017.

IDI requests that OLACEFS member SAIs answer the survey, with these replies due (confidentially) no later than April 30, 2017. Please follow the URL links below to access the survey:

For clarification or for additional information, please contact Riselia Bezerra, Global Survey Director at IDI ( and, or the OLCEFS Executive Secretariat (

To facilitate the information gathering tasks, please download the MS Word versions of the surveys here:

Global Survey 2017 – Spanish

Global Survey 2017 – English