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At the LXI Meeting of the Governing Board, held in Santiago de Chile last Tuesday, April 7, the OLACEFS Manual for Administrative and Accounting Procedures, prepared by the Executive Secretariat, was unanimously approved. The main aim of the manual is to provide guidance and structure regarding the functioning of the OLACEFS financial/accounting system.As such, the […]

The LXI Meeting of the OLACEFS Governing Board, held in Santiago de Chile on April 7, 2015, concluded with the signing of a Motion of Appreciation  for the work of the Comptroller General of Chile and the OLACEFS Executive Secretary, Ramiro Mendoza, as his term helming Chile’s SAI comes to an end, and the respective […]

On Wednesday, April 7, the 61st OLACEFS Board of Governors Meeting will be held in the city of Santiago and attended by delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and host SAI Chile. The meeting will provide a chance to discuss topics of interest to the OLACEFS community such as the organisational strategic […]

The reports give an account of the organisation’s management for 2014 and are published on the members only area of the portal. The OLACEFS Executive Secretariat, in accordance with the commitments undertaken in its operational planning for 2014, approved by the General Assembly, continued developing a system for planning and following up on the organisation’s […]

The OLACEFS Committee for Capacity Building (CCC) invites – with the aim of continuing to support Supreme Audit Institutions in the region to generate and boost their professional and institutional competences – applications for virtual courses, 2015, which will begin in the month of April. The virtual courses to be held in April are as […]

The OLACEFS Committee for Capacity Building (CCC) extends greetings to the Supreme Audit Institutions in the Region and informs them that our Annual Activities Programme for 2015 has been drafted.  We also invite you to continue actively participating in the different activities of the committee in order to further strengthen the professional and institutional capacities […]

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Next April 7, the LXI Meeting of the Governing Board of the Organisation of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) will take place at the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile. Attending the meeting will be the constituent parts of the Governing Board – namely OLACEFS’ Presidency, held by […]

El The Working Group for the Implementation of International Audit Standards in OLACEFS’ SAIs (“GTANIA”) informs the OLACEFS community of activities carried out in the period 2014 to the present date. 1.    Induction Course on the INTOSAI Regulatory Framework As part of the work of the ISSAI Awareness Raising Strategy, a virtual induction course on […]

The INTOSAI Development Initiative IDI is looking for suitable candidates for the post of Advisor for OLACEFS. The advisor will contribute to the delivery of the 2013-15 work programme and annual work plans, and will lead on INTOSAI – Donor Secretariat activities in the OLACEFS region. The advisor will report to the DDG and ensure […]

The Technical Commission for Good Governance Practices (CTPBG) is promoting the implementation in the region of the Tool to Assess the Integrity of SAIs (IntoSAINT). This initiative allows SAIs to analyse risk – focusing on integrity – as well as assess the maturity level of internal control systems, strengthen institutional capacities and promote good governance. […]

From January 2015, on the completion of the term of office of Minister Augusto Nardes as President of Brazil’s Court of Accounts (TCU) – the supreme audit institution holding the presidency of OLACEFS – Minister Aroldo Cedraz de Oliveira will take on that position for the final year of the 2013-2015 triennium. Minister Cedraz graduated […]

The work that has been ongoing since early 2014 and led to the first coordinated audit on matters of equality and equity in OLACEFS, was formalised through the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the heads of the SAIs of Chile, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico – Ramiro Mendoza, Marta Acosta and Yesmín Valdivieso […]

The United Nations/INTOSAI Symposium will be held From March 2 – 4, 2015, in the International Centre in Vienna, Austria. This important event continues the fruitful collaboration between the institutions, discussed in an earlier news item. The participants – representatives of UN DESA and INTOSAI, and other guests – will discuss the topic “The post-2015 […]

We hereby inform the OLACEFS community of United Nations Resolution A/RES/69/228 on promoting and encouraging efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and transparency within public administration through strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions. The need for capacity building is singled out in the document as a tool to promote development and cooperation between the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions […]

OLACEFS Virtual Library announces that new publications are available for reference and dissemination on matters of interest to the Organisation. The publications can be accessed by clicking on this link: OLACEFS Virtual Library You can also access the publications directly, following the links below: Supreme Audit Institutions and Accountability: Creation of common grounds for strengthening […]