These publications correspond to number 19 of the OLACEFS Biannual Magazine and Quarterly Newsletter.

This edition of the OLACEFS Magazine offers a summary of the main issues of interest to the organisation’s member SAIs, such as good practices in issues of value and benefit to SAIs, the experiences of SAIs in citizen participation, the current state of ICT in the region and interesting articles on the role of SAIs in monitoring Sustainable Development Goals.

The OLACEFS Newsletter meanwhile gives a summary of the main institutional news relevant to the organisation, as well as developments in the work of the organisation and its links with international bodies such as INTOSAI.

The 19th editions of the OLACEFS Magazine and Newsletter are the first to be prepared by the Superior Audit Office of Mexico in its capacity as the OLACEFS Presidency for the period 2016-2018, and can be accessed online with the provisions of the Organisation’s Communications Policy.

The aim of these publications is to contribute to OLACEFS’ internal and external communication by spreading knowledge of the work of members and working bodies, and the intercommunication between INTOSAI and other stakeholders related to government auditing.

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