As part of ongoing efforts to support capacity building amongst officials of OLACEFS SAIs, we invite members of the community to participate in a Transparency and Anti-Corruption “Massive Open Online Course”.

The course will start on August 31, 2015, and consist of 33 short classes (each around 10 -12 minutes), given by professors from both Latin America and other countries who will be open to questions and comments. Classes will be subtitled in Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic and complemented with supplementary material.

Attendees of the course will be awarded a virtual certificate issued by, a platform that administers online learning.

We would like to mention that this programme is being financed by the Ford Foundation and the Sigrid Rausing Fund, and is registered at the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile.

More information can be found at the following website, or through social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Course Content 

The course will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of public ethics, such as citizenship, democracy and corruption; the history of the anti-corruption movement worldwide; identifying ethical and illegal conduct; reviewing sectors and tasks especially susceptible to corruption; reviewing measures for prevention, control and the sanctioning of corrupt acts. Also, real cases of corruption from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela will be presented.


Lawyer and professor José Zalaquett will present most of the clases, with the help of Juan Francisco Lobo.

Other teachers participating will be Patricia Politzer (investigative journalist); Natalia Paiva (director of the Brazilian office of Transparency International); Alberto Precht (Chile Transparente); Pablo Collada (director of Ciudadano Inteligente, Mexico); Raúl Ferrada (Council for Transparency, Chile); José Ugaz (president of Transparency International, Peru); Eduardo Engel (Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption, Chile); Roberto Saba (Dean of Law, Universidad de Palermo, Argentina); Rodrigo Mora (General Secretariat of the Presidency, Chile); Alejandro Ferreiro (ex Superintendent of Securities and Insurance, Chile); Miguel Pulido (director of FUNDAR, Mexico); and Michael Shifter (president of Inter-American Dialogue, based in Washington, D.C.).

What are MOOCs?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. These are specially designed e-learning courses which anyone can attend via the internet.