The ICI tool consists of a series of questions based around the COSO internal control system which make it possible to obtain partial scores representing the degree to which each of the system’s components have been implemented in an entity, and an overall score indicating the degree of implementation of the system as a whole.

In 2016, eight Supreme Audit Institutions participated in the project with the aim of assessing themselves in terms of internal control and identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement. The participating SAIs were from Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

The project was developed around a methodology of continuous consultation, carried out through the Presidency of the Commission on Good Governance Practices with the coordination of the SAI of Costa Rica and including periodic virtual meetings and participation in an ongoing forum on the OLACEFS website, where there were consultations and knowledge and good practices on internal control were shared.

In general the results showed that SAIs have an adequate level of internal control, with some reporting compliance with all principles and others suggesting opportunities for improvement, particularly in terms of the “Oversight Environment” and “Risk Assessment” components.

The information obtained provides important input for the SAIs who participated in the process and for OLACEFS itself, facilitating the identification of lines of action based on the recommendations given.

Currently the CTPBG is developing the Second Pilot Project with the aim that all SAIs in the region should implement the tool, thus contributing to the strengthening of internal control in our institutions.

In the next stage, implementation of ICI will extend to audited entities to foster, from the SAIs, a culture in which internal control constitutes a standard for public management.

To find out about the results of the project’s first pilot of the project, please see the following document:

Report on the Pilot Project on Internal Control using the COSO Approach – its implementation and evaluation in SAIs