The Commission of Information and Communication Technologies of OLACEFS (CTIC), is a technical body of permanent character, constituted by resolution 007-2002-AG of the XII General Assembly, aimed at providing advice to the organization on topics related to information technologies. The objectives of the Information and Communication Technologies Commission of OLACEFS are:

  • To help the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) to better understand the specific issues relating to information technology;
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and experience among SAIs;
  • To help Technical Coordination Committees responsible for topics under discussion at the Ordinary General Assemblies to prepare the papers relating to information technology;
  • To propose research projects to the member SAIs taking into account their own experiences; and
  • To publish guidelines and other informational material.

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) helps convey experiences and skills so they can be used in the work of governmental control, in order to facilitate a systematic exchange of matters of common interest and enhance the capabilities of OLACEFS Supreme Audit Institutions.

This IT tool looks for and records lessons learned, best practices and publications of the organisation in order to share experiences regarding government control, in accordance with legal and constitutional mandates, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CTIC is committed to continue promoting KMS throughout the region via videoconferences, face-to-face workshops and (coming soon) online training tools.

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Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández
Chairman of the CTIC
Auditor General of the Argentine Nation

Lic. Mariano Gabriel Parada
CTIC technical Liaison
Head of the Systems Department
Email :

Jorgelina Borgia
CTIC Administrative Liaison
Email :

Dr. Carlos Ferrari
CTIC Administrative Liaison
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 Title/Description  Download
 Minutes of the First Virtual Meeting 2017 of CTIC – April 3rd, 2017 pdf
 Minutes of the Second Virtual Meeting 2016 of CTIC – April 11, 2016 pdf
 Minutes of the First Virtual Meeting 2016 of CTIC – March 14, 2016 pdf
 Minutes of the transfer of the Presidency of CTIC – December 21, 2015 pdf
 Minutes of the Virtual Meeting of CTIC – November 20, 2015 pdf



Title/Description  Download
Knowledge Management System (KMS) User Manual pdf
Manual on IT Audits for SAIs pdf



 Title/Description  Download
 Annual Operating Plan 2017 CTIC Updated pdf
 Annual Operating Plan 2016 CTIC Updated pdf
 Annual Operating Plan 2016 CTIC pdf
 Annual Operating Plan 2015 CTIC pdf
 Annual Operating Plan 2014 CTIC pdf



 Title/Description  Download
 Report of the First Workshop of Trainers at KMS, Buenos Aires, September 2016 pdf
 Terms of Reference of CTIC 2008 pdf
 Work Plan 2011 pdf