The Committee for Capacity Building – CCC – is an OLACEFS body whose mission is to promote and manage the development of SAIs’ professional and institutional capacities to advance the efficiency of management and the modernisation of public administration.

The CCC started life at the 19th Board of Directors meeting in February 1999 in Tegucigalpa, Hondura, as the Regional Training Committee (CCR). The aim of the committee was to assist SAIs in the region to improve their training potential and strengthen the management of public administration. Since its inception, new lines of action have been developed for the benefit of the SAIs, including developments at INTOSAI level in this area.

At the 23rd OLACEFS General Assembly, held in Santiago de Chile, the name change of the CCR to the “Capacity-Building Committee” was approved, based on the body’s extended scope of work, from training to building the professional and institutional capacities of the SAIs. To do this, the CCC is built on three pillars supporting a structure that allows for the development of capacities oriented towards generating and boosting the professional and institutional competences of the SAIs and, as such, improving and reinforcing the audit services offered by SAIs in the region which make a difference to the lives of citizens.


Victor Hart - Office of International Relations

Carolina Beserra Pfielsticker - Serzedello Corrêa Institute

Phone: +55.61.3316.7443
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29-04-2016 Minutes of the CCC face-to-face meeting pdf
29-04-2016 Annex of Minutes of the CCC face-to-face meeting pdf
29-04-2016 CCC face-to-face meeting agenda pdf
29-04-2016 CCC 2016 AOP proposal pdf
11.02.2016 Minutes of Peer Review Planning Workshop pdf
20.12.2015 Official Letter OLACEFS/Ccc/O-065/2015 on the transfer of the Ccc pdf
23-01-2015 Capacity Building Manual pdf
29.05.2014 Letter of Intent pdf
29.05.2014 Application Form pdf
29.05.2014 Additional Information on Applicant pdf
29.05.2014 Confidentiality Agreement pdf
29.05.2014 Rules for the 3rd Internship Programme pdf
29.05.2014 3rd Internship Programme – Annexe 1 Letter of Intent pdf
29.05.2014 3rd Internship Programme – Annexe 2 candidate application pdf
29.05.2014 3rd Internship Programme – Annexe 3 duties and responsibilities pdf
16.04.2014 Minutes CCC 1st Virtual Meeting pdf
17.02.2014 Annual Operating Plan 2014 pdf
17.02.2014 Activities Report 2013 pdf
17.02.2014 CCC Video
09.09.2013 Minutes CCC 28th Meeting pdf
24.08.2012 Knowledge Collection pdf
24.08.2012 Roadmap for the Implementation of the OLACEFS Knowledge Management System pdf
20.08.2012 Minutes for the Strategic Planning Workshop pdf
20.08.2012 Regional Training Strategic Plan 2015 pdf
14.08.2012 OOPP Seminar Conclusions Montevideo August 2012 pdf
06.08.2012 Annual Regional Training Plan 2012 pdf
18.06.2012 Events Scheduling and Contacts – CCC pdf
17.04.2011 Work Plan 2011 pdf
08.09.2009 Expertise of OLACEFS’ Officials by Area pdf


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