In the terms of Article 13 of the OLACEFS charter, the Board of Directors is a collegiate body composed of six full members. It is headed by the President and the Administrative Department acts as Secretary of the same, with the right to speak.

It is also made up of the member of the country designated as host of the next ordinary session of the General Assembly, the member of the country in which the last regular session of the General Assembly was held, and two full members elected by the General Assembly who shall act as such for a three-year period, counted from the year following their election. To be re-elected, two three-year periods must have passed.

This body has leadership and advisory functions. As such, it provides counselling and monitoring and ensures compliance with the resolutions of the General Assembly as well as assisting in its implementation.

Its powers are described in Articles 18 to 23 of the OLACEFS regulations.

At the present, the Board of Directors is made up of:

EFS Cargo Período
mexico Superior Audit Office of Mexico Presidency 2016/2018
chile Comptroller General´s Office of the Republic of Chile Executive Secretariat 2013/2018
peru Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Peru Elected member 2016/2018
 bolivia General Comptroller Office of the Plurinational State of Bolivia Elected member 2017/2019
paraguay Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Paraguay Host XXVII Assembly 2017/2018
 Argentina General Audit Office of the Nation of Argentina Host XXVIII Assembly 2018/2019



Latest proceedings of the Board of Directors: